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Our English tutor has over 15 years’ of experience in education with a specific focus on GCSE English exam help, and our methods have resulted in excellent grades throughout that time.

Our staff know the syllabus and the core concepts behind each GCSE English exam, and as a result can teach you or your child regardless of which specific exam board is issuing your paper. We’ll work to help students understand what the examiner is looking for, and once we’ve determined this, we’ll work more generally to help students develop a framework to fit their answers within.


We break down our English tuition process into three distinct styles of writing: persuasive writing, aimed at providing an argument; narrative or descriptive writing, used to show accurate comprehension; and commentary writing, used to show accurate comprehension, and applied to English Language and Literature GCSE exams.  

For Commentary Writing


For Persuasive Writing


We show students how to use the DAFOREST method to gain grades C-A for persuasive writing and how to combine DAFOREST and the SECT method to gain grades A-A**.

For Narrative/Descriptive Writing


We show students how to use the SPTV method to get grades C-A and how to use this method and the SECT method to write for effect to gain grades A-A**.


"Great person, professional, gentle,
I highly recommend Mr Simpson"

- Daniel Preda


"Mr Simpson is a brilliant teacher who would stop at nothing to help all his students get the highest grades that they possibly can. The tuition is a warm comforting atmosphere with brilliant resources. Before coming here i was mainly on 3s but now I'm looking at 7s. This is a great place to learn and I would recommend it to anyone."

- Amaan H.


"I brought my children to Community Education Services for additional support with their grades and I noticed a remarkable improvement within a short period of their time here. The ongoing feedback from the tutors makes it easier for me to follow their progress on a regular basis. I will highly recommend them, give them a try to see it for yourself."

- Hussein S.


"Great communication! Can't wait to start lessons soon"

- Adam Q.


"When I first started I was literally getting grade 3s in both English and Maths. After going to this tuition for couple months, Mr Simpson helped me to get a really high 6, a couple marks off a 7. I’m so grateful and happy that I came across this Tuition because if I didn’t, I don’t know where I would be today."

- Shanz


"I just want to give a massive thanks to the teachers because they do a strict assessment on students and give their honest opinion and help them to navigate through to their final goal whatever it is. My son has a very pleasurable experience working with the teachers at CES."

- Achala M.


"Good lesson. Was focused and to the point. Great teacher."

- Nitish Pals


"Amazing service! i went from getting consistent 5s to passing my GCSEs with a 7 and 8. i can't thank Mr. Simpson enough for all the support he's given me."

- Mohima A.


"CES provides an excellent and outstanding service, with committed staff who care about the students and who are constantly striving to improve the quality of what they do."

- Elaine F.


Are you struggling with GCSE English Language, Literature or both?

Each member of our staff is an experienced English tutor and they are extremely well-versed in helping students achieve beyond their expectations in English GCSE exams.

We show students how to use the 2-step method as a P.E.E.L. structure to minimise the time used to make comments. We also use the D.P.C. method to help students gain grades A-A** for commentary writing both for English Language & Literature.

About Community Education Services (UK) Ltd

How our workshops help you:

Who is the workshop for?

These workshops will be for students working at a minimum of Level 5. As such, we will not be marking for S.P.A.G. (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar); we recommend that students use Grammarly. We will be marking for writing for effect and to meet Assessment Objectives AO1, AO2, AO3, AO4, and some AO5 and AO6 for English Language and Literature respectively.

What will be taught in the Zoom class?

In these sessions, students will be shown acronymic tools to use at school. We will work through the questions step-by-step so students completely grasp the acronymic strategy. Because this session prepares students for GCSE English Language and Literature, no homework will be assigned.

How will improvement be shown?

During the sessions, some work will be marked on a first-come, first-served basis. All students will receive this work as model answers to assist in improving their work. Moreover, school term assessments will provide parents with real evidence of how these tools are helping their children to improve.


How many students are in a class?

Our classes will contain up to 100 students (but this may vary according to demand), as we want to help as many people as possible, as reflected in our inexpensive prices, given the social impact of the Covid virus(es).

Won't large classes affect the quality of our online teaching?

No. We spend the lesson applying the tools to different levelled questions and highlighting how top pieces of work feature the acronyms. In short, we spoon-feed students.

How will you cope with students at different levels?

It simply doesn't matter what level students are at, as we  will apply the method to basic, intermediate & higher level questions for a particular topic within the lesson.

How do you resolve technical issues?

We can only provide support if students don't have technical issues with their Zoom setup and mic. So, they must resolve any technical issues before the workshop commences, and especially make sure they can receive sample answers through their chatbox.